TAGLIARE "The Private Label" Dean Zelinsky's highly contoured 3-Single-Coil Pickup Guitar 

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  • Custom engraved Tagliare, get your name etched into the body's Private Label Emblem beneath the bridge.
  • Optional Personalized Z-Glide Neck - Have your name engraved into the Z-Glide pattern.

**Feel free to purchase now, a DZPL representative will contact you regarding the name you want engraved.**

Listen to the Tagliare:



Tagliare—The Italian word for “carve.” 


The Tagliare "The Private Label" is Dean Zelinsky’s personal take on making a traditional 3-single-coil pickup guitar with something extra special. The unique body carve and narrowed waist cut creates a style that sets it apart from the sea of triple-single guitars. The highly figured Flame Maple top gives the Tagliare "The Private Label" a look like no other. The body is made from select Alder creating a light, yet better sustaining guitar…and yields the best overall tone. This guitar is very comfortable with weight averaging 7.5 lbs.



"The Private Label" comes with a custom engraved Flame Maple Top with your name specially designed into the Private Label Emblem.  The highly detailed design gives this guitar a one-of-a-kind look. "The Private Label" truly plays, sounds, and looks like no other.



The Z-Glide Reduced Friction Neck (patent pending) gives players a feel that cannot be achieved by any other guitar.  The precision engraving reduces surface area thus reducing friction between the hand and the guitar neck.  Your hand only comes in contact with 30% of the necks surface...the rest is air.  Players instantly notice the improved playability and feel.  Designed by Dean Zelinsky this patent pending concept is exclusive to Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars.


Personalize your Z-Glide neck by getting your name custom engraved into the Z-Glide pattern.  



The Tagliare "The Private Label" features a full 22-fret maple neck with your choice of rich rosewood, or rock hard maple 12" radius fingerboards.  The two-post floating tremolo system to allow for knife-edge accuracy and great tremolo action. Locking tuners as a standard feature, along with TUSQ nuts and string retainers, allow for maximum sustain and assure you stay in tune.



The Dean Zelinsky Private Label Single Coil Pickups are slightly higher output but designed to still achieve ultimate vintage single coil sound.  The reverse-wound middle pickup achieves those classic tones and overtones, while offering multiple noise-canceling positions.  Many players reviewing the Tagliare say these are the best sounding single coils they have ever heard.  Controls are a master volume, one tone control for neck pickup and one tone control for middle and bridge. 



Tagliare necks are made of Canadian Rock Maple with Dean Zelinsky’s new soft 'C' profile. These necks are designed with Dean Zelinsky’s nearly four decades of experience of making guitars players love to play.



Tagliare "The Private Label" have Locking Tuners with a 20:1 ratio as a standard feature. Combined with hard Graphite nuts, Graphite String Retainer and a Floating Two Post Trem, these guitars stay in tune.  Headstocks feature a Dean Zelinsky’s signature logo in a bright nickel finish.