The Tagliare is Dean Zelinsky’s personal take on making a traditional 3-single-coil pickup guitar with something extra special. The unique body carve and narrowed waist cut create a style that sets it apart from the sea of triple-single guitars.  The body is made from select Alder creating a light, yet better-sustaining guitar…and yields the best overall tone. This guitar is very comfortable with weight averaging 7.5 lbs.

The Tagliare neck features a full 22-fret maple neck with your choice of rich rosewood or rock hard maple fingerboards. The Reduced Friction Z-Glide Neck provides the ultimate feel of any guitar neck on the market. The precise Z-Glide pattern helps remove the sticky feeling lacquered necks tend to have, leaving only air between you and your guitar. Custom DZPL pickups provide the ultimate vintage single-coil sound, with reverse-wound middle pickup (offering multiple noise-cancel positions). The Tagliare has a special two-post floating tremolo system to allow for knife-edge accuracy. Locking tuners come as a standard feature along with TUSQ nuts and string retainers, allowing for maximum sustain and tuning stability. 

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