- The All-New SideKick and TruTap Humbuckers-

Our Pickups achieve True Single-Coil

And True Humbucking Tones - All in a Single Pickup!


The SideKick and TruTap Humbuckers are the World’s first pickups that are true Humbuckers and switche to an authentic Single-Coil – all in a single housing. With our pickup technology, switching from humbucker to single-coil, the pickups actually match volume. There is virtually no volume drop-off as in conventional Humbucker coil-tapping or splitting.


I started to develop this technology after the launch of my Tagliare model in August of 2013. Players kept ordering the Tagliare with two single-coils and a humbucker in the bridge position. I worked hard to create these really killer single-coil tones for my new Tagliares and it bothered me that customers would be losing that great single-coil tone in the bridge position. We do offer coil-taps on a bridge humbucker, but I always thought that half-a-humbucker sound, while we have all been doing it for years, just doesn’t get you there...plus you lose half the volume when tapped. I set out to offer a humbucker that turns into a single-coil, which was true to each pickup’s vintage tone with no volume differential.


The differences:
SideKicks are made with true singlecoil technology, using magnetic pole pieces. This results in an authentic, true singlecoil tone with tapped. The humbucking mode is tight and slightly brighter than our TruTaps.
  TruTaps are made with humbucker technology and utilize bar magnets, having an authentic PAF humbucker tone. The singlecoil sound has more body and is warmer than a typical singlecoil.   With a few tweaks under the hood, both maintain exactly matched volume whether in humbucking or single-coil mode.


A Dellatera or Tagliare model, when loaded with dual SideKicks or Trutaps and a middle singlecoil, is effectively a 5-pickup guitar. When wired with our ATW Wiring Configuration, you can achieve 18 tones in a single guitar!

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Kerry and his Tagliare:

Kerry Livgren has written some of the biggest songs in rock history...he knows tone. Kerry raves about the tone of his Tagliare with dual SideKicks:


"This guitar of Dean's easily replaces a half dozen of the guitars I have here in the studio for tone. The combinations from this one instrument are so varied."

- Kerry Livgren of Kansas

TruTaps come stock in every LaVoce and StrettaVita model. TruTaps and SideKicks can be added to any Dellatera or Tagliare model, and are included by default when adding the ATW Wiring package.


- Dean Zelinsky