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Tagliere ATW

Love the guitar,it was a pleasure to speak with Dean and help me with the design ,the craftsmanship is beautiful and to have a custom made guitar the wait time was very reasonable and well packaged,This is my newest favorite guitar Thanks Dean

Tagliare ATW
Michael Mooney

Tagliare ATW

Damn Beautiful Guitar!

I never ever thought i would purchase a guitar without ever have played it! I am super happy with my purchase! The Stretavitta classic burst is gorgeous! Well built! Love the neck and fretboard! The only thing i did to it so far, is, lower the action just a tad! Which, by the way, was super easy to do with their bridge design! If there is any flaw, i would say that it is a cosmetic one. The “Y” in the Zelinsky name embossed into the saddle can hardly be seen! However, i have no problems with that! My main concern was the palyability of the guitar… and it plays great! Also, where the neck attaches to the body, it is a little thicker and takes a little getting used to. I’ve adjusted just fine! I play this beauty everyday and i freaking love it! Thanks guys!!!🤙🏼😁

Nicer looking then pictured (Green Quilt)

The green quilt is a bit different than pictured and has a darker one of a kind look that I really like. Build Quilty is amazing. There is a lot of voices to choose from and this will be a great chameleon ax fitting in to any mix. My 3rd perfect DZ.


DELLATERA Case: I really like the case. It has a good look to it and is of good quality. However, I order the case on 3/24. After not receiving, I sent an email asking about timing on shipping on 5/1. I also received an email on 5/1 indicating it shipped that day. Did someone forget to ship when the order was first received?

I bought the case for a 2015 Dellatera that I bought use without a case. I really like the sound of the guitar and the feel of the Z-glide neck, maple fretboard and overall quality of the guitar. My only complaint is on occasion, if I'm not focused on my hand position, the low and high E strings will roll off the fretboard a lot easier than some other guitars. It appears it may be due to the width of the neck and the angle cut of the ends of the frets(?). It wasn't annoying enough that I wanted to send the guitar back. Again over all, I really like the guitar and case.

Purple Quilt Tagliare

I’ve had mine for going on 6 months and as it ‘Breaks in’ it just plays better and better every time I pick it up. The ATW give SO many sonic choices. I’m actually saving to pick up another one. You won’t be disappointed with this Axe.

Awesome Sounding !

One of the best feeling and sounding electric guitar I’ve ever played. Such a wide variety of sounds available at the flip of a switch. Quality all the way around. Easy guitar to hold and play for extended periods. Highly recommend this instrument!

StrettaVita vs Dellatera

I purchased both StrettaVita & Dellatera guitars. the "Strett" is warm and liquid while the "Della" is more aggressive in nature as is to be expected.
I will part with neither as they are now both my main stage guitars, pushing aside a dozen or more big G and big F models both old and modern versions. Top notch quality and playability. I Can't wait to order a Tagliare. An unfortunate mishap with the shipping carrier also tested the depth of DZ customer service which I can attest is also top notch.


This is absolutely incredible looking !!! But it plays even better . It came through all set up .


Absolutely awesome playing and sounding guitar. Exceeded expectations!


Finally 😅installed! Sounds awesome 👏 👏👏

Beautifully made and very comfortable

Beautifully made and very comfortable to play.

This guitar has all the’s also beautiful. Great guitar!!!!


Good morning DEAN, sorry for the delay, I play southern gospel music :notes: in all styles, ES 335,DELUXE VERITONE, telecaster, strat, country, Gibson lespaul Supreme, now I can get all my tones with one gutar, I still love to play my others, but I don't have to, I have finder twin reverb, no volume drops for any selection, I highly recommend this for any serious gutar player, thanks again Dean Zelinsky

Roasted Z-Glide Neck

Great neck. Put it on a Tele Squire II body with Fralin hum-cancelling P90s. Plays way better than the stock neck now. Only had to adjust intonation a bit. Did not have to even adjust height and it plays great. Fret ends were smooth - no sharp edges. Frets are polished nicely. Low action. The Z-Glide (low friction) seems pretty nice - feels different but got used to it almost immediately and I think it is more comfortable and smoother. Easy installation. It’s a very professional guitar now. I LIKE it! Worth the money. I did have to make all the white fret markers black with a Sharpie (they WERE beautiful, though) due to my poor eyesight, or I would have kept hitting the wrong frets - but that’s on me. Thanks for the great neck Dean.

Fantastic guitar.

Fantastic guitar. Plays and sounds great. Highly recommend. Any tone can be obtained using the ATW. Best sounding guitar I have ever owned. Also, its beautiful. Will buy more Dean Zelinsky Private Label guitars.

Can't wait to build a

Can't wait to build a guitar for it.

Super nice neck. Fret ends

Super nice neck. Fret ends are sooth and frets are polished & leveled. Installed it on a Tele and only had to set intonation- no truss rod adjustment necessary. Didn’t even have to reset the bridge height. Plays low and smooth - and FAST. Thanks Dean. Nice workmanship.

Great replacement necks

Necks are perfect and so smooth.

My new favorite!

ATW is the best! So many tones!

It’s is one of the

It’s is one of the best guitars I’ve ever played

My all time favorite!

First off, this is the most beautiful and well crafted guitar I have ever owned and I have many. The sounds I can get from this is incredible with the ATW wiring. It came set up perfectly and the action is really sweet. I love it so much, I have an order in for another DZPL engraved Dellatera. 200% satisfied!!

Greg St Clair
Custom Strettavita

Stunning guitar, right out of the case. Absolutely beautiful in all respects. Plays and sounds incredible.

As hard as it was

As hard as it was to wait for such a quality, one of a kind guitar to be built, this was sooo well worth the wait. This is clearly one of my nicest guitars and is on its way to be my favorite. The z-glide neck is so slick and the fact that you can engrave any name or whatever onto it is really a game changer. The sound options are beyond compare and I will need to spend a lot of time with it to see what all it can do. You will not find another luthier with this quality and options to offer for your build at the price points Dean Zelinsky offers. Thank you Dean and crew for putting so much love into my new prize possession. Cheers, Terry M.