Tagliare Z-Glide Custom

I ordered my guitar without the Z-Glide option and to my dismay, received a Z-Glided guitar. DZ suggested I try it before I send it back. I'm glad they did because I ended up loving the Z-Glide. It does what they say it does; it's faster, comfortable and feels nice on the hand. I say go for it if you're on the fence about that option. The guitar as a whole is beautiful. One of the most comfortable guitars I've ever played and it sounds great too. It even spent 5 days in subzero temps during shipping. I let it warm up for about 24 hours before opening. After tuning it up the guitar played like a dream. I initially noticed some fret buzz , but that seems to have gone away now the guitar is at stable temps. I highly recommend these guitars!! 



Another Stellar guitar from the Dean Zelinsky Private Label

My first StrettaVita was so good I ordered another. These guitars play and sound as good as they look!! I play in a very humid and warm climate in Southern Mississippi and the Z-Glide neck does not get sticky....it feels amazing all night long. I am a big fan




Great guitar right out of the box! I was skeptical about the Z-Glide neck but now I am glad I took a chance on it! I will definitely be adding more Dean Zelinsky guitars to my arsenal!!!



Mule Bass 4 String...Superb

This is my first Dean Zelinsky bass, and I can honestly say it is superior to many (if not all) of my other guitars. Right out of the box, this work of art looked, felt, and played like a dream. I haven't wanted to put it down. Everything about the instrument is phenomenal. Not only is it easy on the eyes, it sounds great as well. It feels lighter than any of my other basses and is very well balanced. The Z-Glide neck is what prompted me into buying because I had to try it...I really like this feature! Finally, someone is thinking outside the box for a change! Ordering was seamless as the guys promptly answered all my questions and were patient with me on all occasions. I would highly recommend this bass to anyone seeking a unique and enjoyable instrument. Way to go, Dean and crew! 



Although these testimonials might be getting boring.....

I have to pile on with another one. Ages ago in the days when dinosaurs roamed the Savannah and we mostly beat on logs to make music, I had a rental F****r stratocaster that my parents got for me to take some rock and roll guitar lessons as my acoustic was passe' Unfortunately we could not afford to buy that guitar back then. I've tried a couple of fairly recent model strats from the same company and never got that old sound- as I remembered it. This DZPL guitar has THAT SOUND crisp, clear, present, wow! I did not get the single coil/humbucker version since I have a couple of guitars with the HBs and I only play in the studio, so I can switch guitars easily and have no problems with humming amps on dirty power outlets. The neck is a lot better for me than the F****r strats I own. Once you get used to the Z-glide, and it does not take long, you might never go back..... All in all an excellent guitar perfect in every way as far as I can see, and it was a refurbished one--I have yet to find a flaw.......my 7th Dean and 4th DZPL and I have yet to be disappointed, quite the opposite.


Stunning Beauty, Awesome Tone & Feel!

This guitar is a work of art. The finish (green burst) is just gorgeous. The Z-Glide neck is more comfortable than I could’ve imagined and the time is really great! I can’t wait to get this out to a gig!



one that's the best of the best - world class

Thank you for building my Johnny Winter guitar for me. It is absolutely perfect and I am extremely impressed with the pickups. I own many guitars in the collection and this one is at the top in tone and build quality. The guitar case is beautiful! I got #8/25 signed! The sound, unbelievable tone. The guitar sustains forever, it just holds a note for a long time. I am very impressed with the bridge and the tailpiece and how nice it looks and obviously judging by the sustain resonates with the body well. It's solid. The wood work carving is exceptionally beautiful, it reminds me of a fine leather in appearance. It looks beautiful in its case which is lined with a burgundy felt velour type of material. Soft and clean looking, very classy. I also really enjoy the Z-Glide neck, never played one before and it is a brilliantly good concept. I am so thrilled with this guitar, plan on buying another of your guitars soon.



Best Bass I've Ever Played

I've had the bass just a month or so, however a few things are clear. They aren't messing around with this bass at all. Their design of the sleek body is both light and well crafted. The Z-Glide neck is to die for, and out of the box sounded perfect through my rig. I have nothing bad to say about this! I would definitely recommend this bass to any bassist. Best price for the quality I've seen is just the icing on the cake. 



It's Awesome!

It's a dream! From the headstock to the strap button on the bottom everything is just in its place. Dean should get a design award or something for this. Money well spent. I refuse to touch anything now without the Z-glide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGZlpbYZolo



Love at first sight. That

Love at first sight. That was my initial reaction when my Vienna Z-Glide Classic finally arrived. I say "finally" because there was a rather long delay, due to a freight issue with the guitar cases. All was forgotten and forgiven as soon as I laid eyes and hands on this beautiful guitar! The tone is godly and the Z-Glide neck is an outstanding innovation, for certain. Everything about the appearance of this instrument is drop dead gorgeous. One can see the commitment to excellence in every detail. I am quite sure I will be a return customer! Dean Zelinsky is the MAN! 



Love this Guitar

My Dellatera plays and sounds great. I wasn’t sure how the Z-Glide would feel since I purchased this guitar online without playing it first. Right away I enjoyed the ease at which my thumb slide across the back of the neck. I purchased this as a blemished guitar but I haven’t found it yet. Usually, I don’t like purchasing a guitar without playing it first but I’m very happy I did. 




The guitar is beautiful, well constructed, intonation, and fret ends were perfect, has a lot more going on electronically than i originally thought. Has the blower switch, which gives you the neck pickup along with the bridge etc. Could not find any FLAW in the finish whatsoever.the Z-Glide is a great concept also.Ive always sanded the clear coat off all my player guitar's necks in the past... I will be bringing it along on my mini tour at the end of the month to show it off. will definitely buy another in the near future.



The best playing, most versatile guitar I've ever played!

My Tagliare, in addition to being the most beautiful guitar around, has replaced my Les Paul, my Stratocaster, my Telecaster, and my other electrics at gigs. Why? Because it outplays all of them. I wondered if I would like the Z-Glide, but within about two minutes, it felt like I'd always played one. I absolutely love my Tagliare!   



Dellaterra Z-Glide Custom

First off, I have been shopping for tele-style guitars as I have been playing more and more country songs. I had just about plucked down $1k for a Fender. In my search, I came across Dean Zelinsky guitars. After a LOT of deliberation, I decided to take a chance on the brand. I ordered a Delaterra in Transparent Black with a maple neck . I added the Z-glide and the pearl pick guard to truly make it something especially for me without compromise. It took a few weeks to get the Transparent Black but it was well worth it. The finish on the guitar was impeccable. It truly is a beautiful work of artistry and craftsmanship. Everything felt absolutely solid. I had very high expectations for how this guitar would play just based on looks. I am not disappointed. It has crisp bell like tones and when I want that country twang, it resonates with a full voice. The setup was perfect out of the box. With the right effects, it can rock it out of the park too. The Z-Glide neck felt weird at first. Now, my other guitars feel weird and the Z-glide feels more natural for a guitar neck. I wish I could send my SG, 339 and Taylor in for a neck change with a Z-glide now. Great guitar, incredible value and if I were to recommend one thing, get the Z-glide, it makes ALL the difference in the world. Also, customer service was very responsive. I made some last minute changes and they accommodated my wishes. -John McMahon 



Sup’d Up and Rockin

This guitar is a monster! I am getting so many different great tones from this guitar. Stays in tune perfectly. The Z glide is new to me and I love it. Played through an ODS, 72 Marshall, Soldano and Friedman. It is versatile enough to sound great through them all. I am blown away. 



LaVoce custom delight

I was expecting good things and got great. This is a beautiful guitar visually and really great to play. The sound options with the sidekicks and the piezo are really really good. An unexpected plus was the lack of weight, combined with the z-glide makes this far less wearing to play. After playing 2 hours solid yesterday, still felt fresh


Dream Guitar

Foremost this Guitar was my dream Guitar. It looks, feels, plays and sounds great. This is going to be my go to Guitar. Love the Z-Glide neck. Thank you very much.



Absolute wonder

Still unlocking the library of tones but very impressed with its ease of play. I wondered about the Z-glide neck but no more. It is amazing.



Great guitar!

I'm very pleased with the Zephyr Z-glide Classic. The neck is different, and takes a minute or two to get used to, but after that I didn't even notice the non traditional surface on the back.



LaVoce Z-Glide Custom

Recieved guitar,very well packed. WOW is all I can say.The guitar is stunning!!!! Bought the Vintage Sunburst model. Very lightweight, Quality is outstanding. Z-glide neck is a great feature.  Couldn’t be happier!!!!



Awesome, No Regrets

I usually wouldn't buy a guitar that I hadn't seen and played so I was reluctant to order until I started researching reviews. The Z Glide neck is genius and makes sliding up and down neck a breeze with very little friction. I ordered mine with 2 side kicks and the voices are varied enough that I may not play my Les Paul Custom, ok I'll still play it but I guarantee you it's not as comfortable and fun to play as my new Tag. Thanks Dean I love it and have to say the Wine Red finish is sexy and truly a beautiful instrument.




I just received my Tagliare "The Private Label " and could not be more pleased. It has excellent sound and is a beautiful piece of art. I hated to put it down to eat dinner. It is all that it claims to be. The Z-glide and the sidekick humbucker is fantastic! It took a little longer to get than expected but when I received it they sent it in one of their beautiful hard cases. That was a total surprise! Great guitar and great people to deal with! 



My StrettaVita Z-Glide Custom

My wife bought me this as an incentive to try guitar again after 40 yrs. I was blown away with the way it looked in the case. The case itself is top notch but the guitar blew me away. The color of it and the feel is incredible. The Z-glide neck is very smooth and easy to work with. Hooked it to an acoustic I ordered to go with it to get here. I think learning guitar all over again is going to be a blast. 



Dellatera Z-Glide Custom One-Off Model

This guitar does not disappoint! I got my guitar in the mail in perfect condition. No scrapes or anything! The neck feels great. If anyone is worried about the feel of the neck, I’ll tell you that it is cut enough to decrease friction but still feels comfortable. The sound and tones are mind-blowing. It really outshines my fender strat in every way possible. The guitar does not loose any sound when switching pickups! It is also a very nice weight and it feels very balanced. Staff was also very nice and thorough in answering any and all my questions. Dean Zelinsky definitely beats Fender in sound and price! 



Really a nice guitar! What a value and a Great customer service team.

I have just begun to enjoy this beautiful guitar. I love the z-glide neck. I will be buying another for sure! exceeded my expectations !!!!!!



Dean Delivers!

I own numerous guitars, some high end American made, some under $1000.00. This is the second guitar I have ordered sight unseen, so I never know exactly what to expect. I read and watched numerous reviews on the Zelinsky product, all of which were highly favorable. It took a little longer to get my guitar than I expected. I found out from Paul that they were swamped and had their head guitar tech out sick. It was well worth the wait ! The guitar looks, sounds and plays amazing. My Les Paul Standard may be a little jealous. The "Z" Glide neck is brilliant! My expectations were pleasantly blown away! I may be selling some of my collection to make room for some more Dean Zelinskys!!! Trevor- Spanish Fork Utah 



StrettaVita Z-Glide Custom is amazing!!

Got my Stretta Vita this week and I am so pleased!! The Zelinsky quality is tremendous, the guitar looks and sounds like a piece of artwork!! The Z-glide neck is so cool and amazing to play. The design of the neck fits perfectly in my hands and makes it easy to move up and down the neck! The craftsmanship is excellent and this guitar is amazing at this price point!! I highly recommend the Zelinsky line! 



Tagliare Z-Glide Custom Left Handed

I have to say this guitar is everything I wanted and more. As always being left handed you don't usually get to try before you buy. This is one purchase I don't have buyer's remorse. Fit and finish are fantastic. The frets were perfect. The action is great, and it was in tune out of the box! The z-glide took about 15 minutes to get used to but, I love it! As soon as I can find a way to sneak another one past my wife, I will! 



Surprised and delighted

Bought it for the looks, keeping it for the sound. I wasn't sure what was wrong with my guitar, I looked it over and still can't figure out why it was listed as a refurb. It's quality was on par with my Della Terra with no flaws. The Z-Glide neck has now become more than a gimmick, it should be a standard. The pickups are really hot, with warm tones like you'd expect from the chambered design. The sustain is crazy, it just keeps going on. The only drawback, it's a little on the heavy side compared to my Della Terra but I use them for different music anyway. As a comparison, I played a GIbson Les Paul that cost three times what this guitar cost and had the same feeling with my Della, the quality shines above the big brands from playability to sound to looks. Keep up the good work. I think I want a La Voce next but that might raise the ire of my beloved spouse so for now, I'll keep the Z guitars at two. 



Amazingly Crafted Instrument!

Recently Received my custom ordered Dean Zelinsky LaVoce and after playing on it I realized what a Amazing Guitar it is. Been using it now for a few weeks and love it. It's Beautifully Hand Crafted, lite weight, the Z-Glide neck makes playing extremely comfortable and is Revolutionary in guitar design. Love the open pickups and quality hardware. The coloring and finishing is perfect. The action is perfect, great setup no buzzing anywhere on the neck. Over all I highly recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a quality guitar and I like it so much I plan on selling off my American Deluxe Fat Strat and Paul Reed Smith