Tagliare ATW Custom Shop H-S-H - Lemon Lime Fade (Ready To Ship)

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A pre-configured, ready-to-ship Tagliare H-S-H ATW in Lemon-Lime Fade 

Full specs:

Lemon-Lime Fade Flametop Finish
Body: Alder with Flame Maple Top
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Radius: Compound 9.5"-12"
Frets: Medium-Jumbo
Pickups: Dual TruTap Humbuckers, Middle Single-coil. ATW wiring with phase inversion and coil tapping
Gold Hardware
String Saver Saddles
43mm Tusq Nut
Locking DZPL Tuners
20.4mm Thickness at First Fret
22.5mm Thickness at 12th Fret
Medium "C" Neck Profile
Weight: 7.5lbs

Customer Reviews

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Will Mims
Beautiful as heck, and 18 times as functional!!!

FedEx... Late, as frigging usual anymore! The ONLY negative! Not the fault of DZ Guitars!

Now to this awesome guitar! Keep in mind, I'm a PRS freak, with more of their oddball multi feature guitars with some of their standards as well, plus other brands sprinkled in

First of all, this Tagliare Wine Quilt with ATW wiring and Sidekick pickups is freaking absolutely beautiful!!! Plugged her in, tested all modes and switching positions. Took my time and ended up gradually lowering the bridge and neck "humbuckers" and raised the middle about 3/4 of a turn. SONIC FREAKING BLISS!!!!!!

If you try one out, make sure and play with the pickup heights until you find your flavor! I found clarity with growl with my pickup position adjustments!

Love the Z-Glide neck. Took a few minutes to forget about the little "potholes" and it just plays and fits like a glove. No wrist fatigue or forearm soreness after hours of p@ssing off my neighbor's that love rock and roll! That is hard for me to do since a doctor put my two left forearm bones back together a hair crooked when I was 17. Let's just say I play with the neck up at least 45 degrees to keep a 1st fret B chord from hurting a bit.

Great job, Dean Zelinsky and company. I don't know if you farm any of the process offshore (nothing but a serial number under your name on the back of the headstock, so I assume USA build). Not that I really care, because the dang guitar is beautiful and is a Swiss Army Knife Guitar that actually does everything well!!!

Very impressed with my first ever Dean Zelinsky guitar!!! Great 2024 build for me and a great value!

This one is staying. I might sell my HSS Strat now... LoL!!!

W. Mims

Michael Mooney

Tagliare ATW

Tony D

DELLATERA Case: I really like the case. It has a good look to it and is of good quality. However, I order the case on 3/24. After not receiving, I sent an email asking about timing on shipping on 5/1. I also received an email on 5/1 indicating it shipped that day. Did someone forget to ship when the order was first received?

I bought the case for a 2015 Dellatera that I bought use without a case. I really like the sound of the guitar and the feel of the Z-glide neck, maple fretboard and overall quality of the guitar. My only complaint is on occasion, if I'm not focused on my hand position, the low and high E strings will roll off the fretboard a lot easier than some other guitars. It appears it may be due to the width of the neck and the angle cut of the ends of the frets(?). It wasn't annoying enough that I wanted to send the guitar back. Again over all, I really like the guitar and case.

greg Fox
Purple Quilt Tagliare

I’ve had mine for going on 6 months and as it ‘Breaks in’ it just plays better and better every time I pick it up. The ATW give SO many sonic choices. I’m actually saving to pick up another one. You won’t be disappointed with this Axe.

Fred Martucci

This is absolutely incredible looking !!! But it plays even better . It came through all set up .